Smart Square Wellstar is the convenient online patient portal offered by Wellstar Health System that gives you secure access to your personal medical records, test results, appointment details and more. Logging into your account is quick and easy whether you use the desktop website or mobile app.

This article will walk you through Smart Square Wellstar Login processes for both the web portal and mobile application. We’ll also cover troubleshooting login problems and answer some frequently asked login questions. Read on to learn how to access all the great Smart Square Wellstar features!

  • View your WellStar medical records
  • Schedule and cancel appointments
  • Request prescription renewals
  • Send messages to your care team
  • Access educational resources

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How to Login to Smart Square Wellstar

If you already have a Smart Square Wellstar account created with Wellstar, logging in through the web portal is simple. Just follow these steps whenever you want to access your account:

Smart Square WellStar check
  • Go to www.wellstar.org in any browser and click “MyChart Login” in the top right corner. This opens the Smart Square Wellstar Login page.
  • Enter your distinct Smart Square Wellstar username and password on the login page.Your username is typically an email address in your medical file or MRN number.
  • Check the small box to agree to Wellstar’s Terms and Conditions for using Smart Square Wellstar.
  • Click the Login button. Your personalized Smart Square Wellstar portal will load displaying your home dashboard.

From there you can use the dashboard tabs and icons to access all your records, appointments, test results and convenient medical tools through Smart Square Wellstar’s portal.

How to Login to the Smart Square Wellstar Mobile App

In addition to the desktop login process, Wellstar also provides the MyChart app for Apple and Android mobile devices allowing access to Smart Square Wellstar anywhere conveniently from your smartphone or tablet.

To install and login using the iOS or Android app:

  1. Use the App Store for iPhones or Google Play Store for Android to search and install the “MyChart” app by Epic.
  2. Open the MyChart app on your phone or tablet once installed. Select Log In.
  3. Choose Wellstar Medical Group from the organization list.
  4. Input your standard Smart Square Wellstar web portal username and password used on the desktop website.
  5. Accept Terms and Conditions then tap Log In.

Your mobile Smart Square Wellstar account dashboard loads with all the same functionalities and health information access as available through the web. Mobile convenience makes managing Wellstar health needs easier!

How to Troubleshoot Smart Square Wellstar Login Problems

If you have trouble accessing your Smart Square Wellstar account through web or mobile, don’t worry – solutions exist! Follow these tips for resolving common login issues:

Smart Square WellStar login

Forgotten Password: To reset, use the Forgot Password? link on the login page. You’ll verify identity to get a reset code, then create and confirm your new password.

Forgotten Username: To lookup your username/email on file, click the Forgot Username? link to initiate automated retrieval.

Incorrect Credentials: Double check accuracy of entered username and password. If still not working after resets/retrievals, you may need to re-enroll your account by contacting a Wellstar representative for assistance to correct login credentials.

Account Lockout: Too many failed login attempts in a short timeframe can temporarily lock access. Simply wait a few minutes then try again or call support to unlock faster if needed.

Technical Login Issues: For error messages or login glitches, reset browser by closing all open tabs and windows before launching a new session. Make sure you’re accessing the correct regional portal URL. Confirm internet connection is active and restart your device if issues continue.

Unresolved Login Problems: For any persistent Smart Square Wellstar login difficulties on web or mobile, call Smart Square technical support at 470-644-0419 or email [email protected] for troubleshooting. The support team is well-versed in resolving login issues so patients recover access quickly!


If you are a WellStar employee, you can log in to Wellstar Smart Square Wellstar to view your schedule, request time off, and more. Here are some frequently asked questions about the login process:

What is the Smart Square Wellstar web address to login?

Patients can access the login page at www.wellstar.org. Click MyChart Login in the upper right corner.

What if I don’t have an account yet?

You can sign up directly online if you have your Wellstar MRN. Or enroll during a facility visit and receive login credentials within 3 days via email and mail.

Can I use the same login for Smart Square Wellstar mobile app?

Yes, the MyChart app utilizes your existing web portal username and password for access across platforms.

What web browsers best support Smart Square Wellstar?

The portal works great on newer versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer. Always keep your browser updated!

How do I recover a lost username or password?

Convenient self-service recovery options are available right on the login page to lookup forgotten usernames or reset passwords securely.

How can I change my password?

Once logged into your Smart Square Wellstar account, click My Profile > Security Settings to update passwords anytime ensuring ongoing account protection.


We hope this overview gave you the details needed to successfully login and start leveraging all your Smart Square Wellstar account has to offer both online and via Wellstar’s mobile app! Managing your health records, appointments, test results and medical care should be simple and efficient. Wellstar’s patient portal aims to provide transparent access and conveniences right at your fingertips anytime.

If you don’t have a Smart Square Wellstar account already, enroll today to explore all the benefits and self-service tools that accompany being actively involved in your Wellstar healthcare through this innovative patient platform. Contact Wellstar support if any access issues occur – they are always glad to help patients regain login ability quickly. Start taking charge of your health with Smart Square Wellstar!

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